Introducing musicIO

Send and receive MIDI and audio between your Mac or PC and your iOS device via USB. It’s simple, reliable, and near-zero latency.

musicIO :: Audio and MIDI over USB
musicIO :: MIDI over USB


"A deceptively simple way to link iOS and OS X for audio and MIDI and unlock the full potential of your iPad"
– Hollin Jones, MusicTech (9/10)

Getting Connected

musicIO consists of two parts: The server component (including AU and VST plug-ins for your DAW), and the client for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The client is available in MIDI-only and Full (MIDI and Audio) Versions.

On Mac, the server consists of a feature-rich server along with VST and AU plugins. [ Download Mac Server ]

For the Windows platform, all functions for the desktop are handled by the VST plug-in. [ Download Windows Server ]

On the Mac and on PC, any sample rate is supported up to 96kHz/1024, but keep in mind that 44.1Khz is the default on iOS.

"…simple, low-cost, technology for linking our two music production environments together. Hats off…"
– Music App Blog

musicIO on iPhone


  • Low latency audio (4 separate stereo channel ‘slots’) from iOS to either Mac or Windows, with crystal-clear 32-bit resolution. Native support for IAA allows for the best possible audio quality, and seamless integration with iOS synthesizers and effects apps
  • Connect your AU/VST DAW with complementary free plugins
  • Send & Receive MIDI between any CoreMIDI apps over a normal USB sync cable (Lightning or 30-pin) with no perceptible latency or jitter
  • Large sysex messages (eg. bulk dumps) handled seamlessly
  • Choose “send to” ports (OSX and iOS)
  • Choose “receive from” (OSX): route MIDI from anywhere to your iOS device
  • BridgeClock, a ground-breaking inter-device MIDI-clock-synchronization technology, provides jitter-free sync between platforms
  • Runs on iOS 7 or better, 10.7+ on OS X, and Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Sample rate conversion to use any sample rate on both Mac and PC

Future Features

    • Support for multiple iOS devices per Mac with the ability to route between them
    • And a few secret things that may surprise you….
"…an incredible new release from an extremely talented group of developers."
– Sound Test Room

Three Teams

musicIO is a joint effort by three of the most respected iOS music app development teams.




Three teams have joined forces to build the only fully integrated USB audio and MIDI solution that doesn’t require additional hardware. It’s been in development for months, from developers with decades of experience. musicIO lets your iOS device become an integral part of a modern professional music production system.

Confusion Studios makes MIDI Designer Pro, the most-respected MIDI controller platform for iOS. MIDI Designer is adored by users, loved by Music Industry press, and trusted on stages and in studios around the World. Audeonic Apps makes the pioneering MidiBridge app, an essential tool for routing and filtering MIDI messages on iOS. They also provide the MidiBus software library, which powers dozens of successful music apps (including musicIO). The Secret Base Design team has built a range of apps providing high-speed MIDI and audio connections over Bluetooth LE and WiFi, and also develops innovative signal processing apps.